Sunday, May 31, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...


When the “who” 
We show to others
Gives lie to
The inner soul,
We have lost our way.
Fear not, for
’Tis but an illusion,
An aberration, a
Mind in turmoil
Working to obscure
The “who”
We really are, the 
God-given “who”
Forever resting in
Peace, Love and Harmony.
We have but to 
Quiet the mind, 
Be still and
Surrender to our
True inner Being:
To God within.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...

GOD and MAN … p. 69

When we think of Spirit as a vibrant, living force of energy, we as well properly attribute to it Divine Wisdom. As an emanation of the Soul, which is engendered and sustained by that wondrously mystical primal force of God, Spirit is the ever-present medium binding God and man. Spiritual energy is the Christ, the Holy Spirit, that which affords our communion with God through prayer: a harmonious force which heals both soul and body. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Friday, May 29, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...


That primal force of Purity, 
The Essence of all life,
Lives within the soul,
Never wasted, never lost,
Its spiritual emanation
The mystic tie with that
From whence it came:
The Breath of God.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...


The premise is not a new one; quite the opposite in fact,for it has been known from earliest recorded history. Much more recently, about 450 years before the birth of Christ, the Stoic philosopher Zeno summed it up in two words: “… Know Thyself …” this divine insight — for such it is — need be our sole guideline throughout life.

Knowing ourself means disencumbering the crass materialism that burdens the soul. All too often this only manifests itself when we are at our lowest, in a state of utter hopelessness and despair. It is, nonetheless, a time when our cries are heard; when, by the grace of God, we find the Way. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...

SELF-DOUBT … p. 66

Self-doubt is of human construct. If allowed to take root in the seedbed of the mind it erodes our sense of self-worth. It is a dissonant sound that lays waste to harmony of mind, body and soul; a noxious weed that beguiles the mind. And it is a force ever at odds with our overall well-being; one that demands to be uprooted. Only then may the blooms of our own God-given Goodness flourish in the Light of our true inner self: a perfect child of God. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...

TRUTH … p. 65

Truth, as a first Principle, is the foundation of our Being; a manifestation of our own spirituality. It is the catalyst which enables the transcendence of mortal mind into the realm of God’s immortal presence; that which sets us free. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Monday, May 25, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...


Who am I? Why am I here? are questions we sometime ask ourself. Questions that all too often go unanswered, ofttimes at our own peril. Reason alone throws little light on the matter. If we are to rid ourself of that lingering sense of unease and despair; feelings that bedevil us and can but lead to ill health, we must probe deeper than mere thoughts of the mind. Salvation lies in the healing power of God, He who is ever present within us.

We have but to acknowledge God’s presence and, in stillness of mind and body, ask that His will be done. In thus surrendering to God we are as well unburdened of the many-layered veils that darken the soul, allowing us to love ourself and our fellow-man. Our spirituality is reawakened: We know with certainty who we are and why we are here. And we know true and abiding happiness. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...


Even though life may not be all we could hope for, we can change it. We begin by being honest with ourself, by facing up to that which bedevils our thoughts and darkens the soul. Truth ever offers succour in times of distress. No less so does Truth provide insight into our spiritual self, the nurture of which frees us of fantasies of the mind while at once revealing the superficiality of all things worldly. — Garry D. Kilbourn 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...


The power of thought we know to be a life-changing force for good or ill: we all experience it. What may be less well known, and all too often overlooked, is the fact that we alone are responsible for our thoughts and their outcome.

Put away mundane thoughts that serve only to darken the mind and imperil the soul. Instantly replace them, simply by giving thanks to God; that which ennobles our very Being. Remember that God’s supreme indivisibility is shared equally by all, each in his own way. For this reason alone we may give thanks. Even more, in acknowledging God’s presence in our life we have taken that first step whereby we may fulfill our Purpose: manifesting God’s Goodness and Love by daily living the golden rule. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Friday, May 22, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...


That we are made in the image and likeness of God affirms that our true Being — that which is Life itself — is divinely spiritual: God in us and we in Him.  Ipso facto we are, each one of us, the very embodiment of God’s Goodness and Love. To the extent we both live and breathe these God-given traits, ever mindful they are Life’s providential guideposts, we come to know peace within. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...


Selflessness is, firstly, an expression of our own Goodness. It is a human trait both necessary and desirable for personal well-being.

Selflessness means not putting ourself first; rather, letting others be themselves and wishing them well.

Selflessness reflects a mind free of jealousy and envy: traits that forever nag at inner harmony.

Selflessness, in short, is the divine manifestation of that age-old edict: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” — Garry D. Kilbourn

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reaching For The Light ...


When speaking of supernatural Beings from the night of time, Mme. H.P. Blavatsky, nineteenth century Russian intellectual and theosophist, uses a phrase both curious and revealing: revealing in the sense that it speaks of a spiritual power that we, who are neither supernatural nor superhuman, yet possess: “… their essence cannot assimilate itself to that of worlds beyond our solar system.” (Secret Doctrine, Vol. II. p. 700.)

“Essence,” meaning our inner Being, or, in other words, our divine life-giving soul, is of course the key word in Mme. Blavatsky’s discourse. Put in a positive context, our (human) essence can, and does, assimilate itself to that of others. That is to say, we possess the innate capacity to communicate with others on a spiritual plane by way of our intuitional “third eye”.

In order that we may rise above our worldly plane of matter — that enmeshed in materialism — we quiet the mind and become still within that we may give in-depth attention to the other. We become vulnerable, which in turn gives rise to mutual trust. Together, we become immersed in a state of mystical insight. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 58


Acknowledging our own spiritual nature — our inner self — as distinct from our mortal being, is made easier when we question all that we see and feel going on around us.

Our five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are uniquely adapted to enable our physical survival. What we all too often fail to recognize (hence, our lingering disquiet) is that we are innately empowered with two other senses, albeit on a higher, spiritual, plane, namely: intuition and understanding. Only when we avail ourself of the power of these otherwise dormant senses can we reveal our divine life-giving soul and, in the doing, come to know peace within.

That which is worldly is manifestly ephemeral and, despite its temporal pleasures, is assuredly not soul-satisfying. That of the soul means reacquainting ourself with the very essence of our Being: It is who we are. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Monday, May 18, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... 57


Wouldst that we were forever in that wondrously idyllic state midst heavenly Elysian Fields, mind at rest and at peace within. Fallible though we may be, even so, this is a state of being accessible to all.

In repose, we begin our journey by going within to reveal God’s presence. Knowing that He lives in us and we in Him, we concentrate the mind on the Light of the soul suffused throughout our entire Being; an all-enveloping white Light assuring us of God’s presence, while at once giving longed-for peace and comfort to the soul: our true self. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... 56


A life well-lived, 
Of this there’s no doubt,
Has its natural genesis
Within, not without.

Going within brings
God to mind,
His presence infusing
Our Being.

’Tis our Inner Self
Made quiet now and
A Light that beckons
Our healing.

With words welling up
As though from the soul
We can but thank God
For just being. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 55


If ever we are to know Peace Within, we must first look to a Healing of the Soul, i.e., to an intimate relationship with God. We begin our Spiritual Rebirth by attending to Four Cornerstones essential to the Harmony of our Whole Being: LOVE; GOODNESS; TRUTH and HAPPINESS. Adherence to these Guideposts, which becomes a lifelong pursuit, enlighten the Soul.

We have but to Surrender to God in all Humility, which is none other than freely giving Him our Absolute Trust, that He may show us the Way. This is critical to moving our Worldly thoughts to a Higher Plane; one that connects us to our Inner Self, our Spiritual Being: That which gives both Meaning and Sustenance to LOVE; GOODNESS; TRUTH and HAPPINESS. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Friday, May 15, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 54


We are all only too familiar with the discomfort of unwelcome thoughts of the past intruding upon the present. Such thoughts serve no purpose, and must not be allowed to take hold in the mind. Their very presence in our consciousness is but a festering sore, plaguing both mind and body. 

As part of the human condition we have within us the strength and the fortitude to cleanse our mind of such harmful thoughts. We alone must make the choice. It becomes a matter of exercising our God-given will.

In full awareness of that which threatens our peace of mind, no less our very soul, we must move our thought process to a higher plane: to thoughts of Love, of ourself and others and, of that which affords our greatest comfort, thoughts of God’s Love.

It is no less important to bear in mind that our past, no matter its many twists and turns, is both the foundation and cornerstone of the present. It is on this alone that we must build our life, that we may come to know Peace within, and Love our fellow-man. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 53


ALL that we may hope for in life is within our grasp when we embrace Selflessness and Truth as our spiritual vanguard in the service of others. Thus too do we come to know divine tranquility of soul.” — Garry D. Kilbourn

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 52


“ … We well know the mind stirs the imagination, invoking images both real and fanciful. It is less well known, however, that within the phenomenon of the mind lies our most precious human resource; the ability through imagination to transform thoughts of the mind into the realm of the supernatural. Thus may we visualize ourself suffused in the Light of God’s presence, His Love a salve to our soul. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 51


We are as nothing without Love: love of ourself and love of others. Love lies within the soul, the very core of our Being. Left to lie dormant and unused, our capacity for love ever diminishes such that we become but an empty shadow of who we are meant to be. When taken up and used, love is that which reveals our humanity and gives reason for our Being.

Love—in reality a divine providence—is accessible through the twin character traits of Selflessness and Truthfulness. These, in turn, require that, in all humility, we entrust ourself to God. Thus may we quiet the turmoil of the mind to reveal the Light of the soul and our divine spirituality. And only thus may we know peace within, coupled with a deep and abiding sense of self-worth. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Monday, May 11, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 50


For all too many Happiness is but a daydream nourished by faint hope. Others have overcome such reverie by rediscovering their childlike trust to know that Happiness is no longer illusory, but is in fact wondrously real.

The rediscovery of our childlike trust awakens in us our spiritually inner self and gives Light to the very soul: We know beyond faith that God lives in us and we in Him.

Happiness is not a state of mind, something to think about and make real. Rather, it is one of surrendering in all humility to God, that His will may be done. Happiness is made whole, and our Purpose revealed, only when this wondrous gift is shared with others. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 49


That no one likes being told what to do is not an indictment of our character. The sense of disquiet occasioned by such an admonition stems not from personal shortcoming, but goes directly to the dichotomy of our very Being: the mortal body and the immortal soul.

Custom and belief have long acquainted us with a mode of living conducive to bodily comfort, while at once antithetical to the true source of inner peace and harmony; that of the divinely God-given soul.

For our own well-being and that of others, it is clear that we have a personal responsibility to achieve a balance between worldly pursuits and spiritual enlightenment.

Mastery of thought is paramount to all else. Thus may we see only the good in others, and thus are our thoughts transcended to a higher spiritual plane whereby we instinctively manifest God’s Goodness and Love. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 48


MORALS and ETHICS are fundamental to human well-being; traits that bespeak Honesty, Integrity and Truthfulness. They are of our divinely immortal soul; hence our lifelong providential guideposts.

That we are as well born of mortal body and must come to terms with our innate dualism, means quelling the workings of the mind; thus to give vent to our spirituality.

Invoking the soul’s spiritual emanation - a matter of becoming one with God - means quitting mundane thoughts of the mind in favour of those acknowledging God’s presence, and putting our life in His. Aught else will give inner peace and harmony. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Friday, May 8, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 47


The ever-present veil that conceals the Truth of our Being, that keeps us from knowing ourself, is of our own making; a man-made desecration of the soul. It has its genesis in our failure to acknowledge our two separate though interdependent beings: a) the divinely immortal soul and b) the physical body.

Throughout life, with little or no thought otherwise, we allow custom to install in us aught but the ways of the world, of itself destructive of our inborn harmony. Meanwhile, the life-giving soul finds itself gravely undernourished. Left unattended, we come to know a life all too often troubled with chaos and sorrow.

Were we but to listen, we would hear God’s “… still small voice …” warning us of the disquiet within. Once having heard, we are at once overcome with a deeper sense of calm, certain of God’s overwhelming presence. We know then that all is well. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 46


In life, this above all else is a certainty: We are to live by the tenets of our God-given soul. The tools to do so are an imbued birthright, forever lying within our grasp. The tenets, instinctively known to all, are those of Truth, Goodness and Love. We honour these inborn human traits by first paying homage to that age-old aphorism: “know thyself.”

The business of coming to know oneself, as all who venture down this path well know, is a time of ongoing self-absorption and personal honesty. Bit by bit we rid ourself of worldly demons, real and imagined, to reveal the Purity of the life-giving soul. Here there is no hiding from the Truth of our Being; neither is there any turning back from this blissful state of inner harmony.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 45


When, with God’s help, we find ourself and come to know peace within, the enlightened soul reveals all else in life to be as an empty vessel.

Truth and Love become life’s cornerstone as we rebuild a life lost to presumed expectations of others and our own immersion in the wasteland of consumerism.

Shifting sands, once an insecure foothold, instead become our divine rock of certainty. We learn to give freely of ourself in selfless Love, at once uplifting our soul and bestirring all that is good in others. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 44


Like most things, life is made easier if we but keep it simple. Let Truth and Love be our providential guideposts: Truth of Being and Love of God.

Neither thoughts of the mind nor exercise of will, in themselves, provide an awareness of God’s Love. Freeing the mind of mundane thoughts allows thoughts of God to awaken our spiritual Being: a selfless plea for God becoming one with us, that we may be and do as He is.

Truth of Being is none other than acknowledgment of our spiritual self; our inner Being; our divinely immortal soul.

Truth of Being and Love of God are harmonious inseparables, making us whole. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 43


The chasm is wide which separates those in the fullness of God’s Love from those in life who “… labour and are heavy laden …” (Matthew 11:18)

It is a chasm which blinds the poor in spirit from knowledge of God; one not of His making but of man’s alone, and man’s alone to heal.

He of heavy yoke must look within for God’s presence, the life-giving Truth of Being. Thus may he bear witness to the inner Light of the soul radiating God’s Goodness and Love.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 42


Experience affirms that life’s ofttimes difficult path is made easier with a friend at our side; one that we instinctively know will be there for us through good and the not so good: So it is with true friends.

And so it is as well in our relationship with God. As our faith in Him deepens we sense His presence in all that we think and do, taking comfort in knowing that God lives in us and we in Him. Thus do we reclaim our birthright: again made whole.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 41


The true inner self is revealed not by what is said but by that left unsaid. Witness the oft-repeated Scriptural metaphor which bears directly on this human character trait: “If any man hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

If we are to hear the unspoken, not to say the withheld, word - that which reveals one’s true Being - we must consciously engage our spiritually enlightened sixth and seventh senses: that which “hears” emanations of the soul, and that which understands. We achieve this by being still within while giving equal attention to both forces, the audible and the divinely inaudible.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 40


We ask of God in the Lord’s Prayer that “His will be done in earth as it is in heaven,” seemingly forgetting that such a plea may sometimes be at odds with our personal will.

Our own spiritual well-being demands that we at all times honour our undertaking to God, manifesting our love for both Him and our fellow-man, and doing unto others as we would like done to us. Meanwhile, and no less so, the mind is asserting its role in shaping our day-to-day conduct. How to reconcile what at first blush appears to be a contradiction of opposing forces, becomes the nagging question.

Were we to reflect, even for a moment, on this conundrum we would find the answer within the Lord’s Prayer itself. In exercising our will as a child of God thoughts of the mind become transcendent, reflecting His presence. By its very nature, our will becomes one with that of God’s: Our entire Being is given over to doing as God does and is.