Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spiritual Understanding ...

Enshrined in spirituous Mind,
Deign not to speak
Whilst understanding
Honour instead
Your quiescent
Sixth and Seventh senses:
Hear another’s silent outcry
Of the soul through
INTUITION—truth’s revelator
UNDERSTANDING truth unsaid.

Garry D. Kilbourn

Excerpt from CHANGE YOUR MIND—then your Diet ©

“Hear another’s silent outcry of the soul … ”   

“Hi Bonnie, where’s Clyde,” said Phyllis … I liked her right away!  We met at a Forgiveness Workshop a few months ago and again this weekend at a Bereavement Workshop. The final session done, everyone was packing up. Phyllis made her way to the back desk where we were gathering up our workshop materials. I was delighted. She wanted to say goodbye! As I listened, Phyllis shared a bit of her story… the Company she’d been with for twelve years pulled out of Calgary. Still not working four years later. Phyllis is grieving this along with other losses and would like to reconnect with her M├ętis community. Now we can help. blw