Monday, August 31, 2015

“ The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.”
— Psalm 23:1-3
King James Version of the Bible

PsalmS 23:1-3 … p. 2

These are the words easily remembered and ofttimes quoted, in part because of their beauty of phrasing and melodic tone. They are words that comfort us and offer hope.

More importantly though, Psalm 23 is a promise from God that He is with us always, guiding and protecting us through the shoals of life with His love. Equally, Psalm 23 is one where God invites us to have a relationship — even more, a kinship — with Him in order that we may come to know Him, thus to know as well the “still waters” of peace within.

Fundamental to our coming to know God is the restoration of our soul, for this, our soul, is God within us. The restoration of our soul which, in effect, is finding that which was lost in the journey of life, is synonymous with Knowing God, believing in Him with steadfast faith and doing His will for His Glory. As for the latter, God’s will is made known to us through our faith.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Sunday, August 30, 2015

“      God is the LORD,
which hath shewed us light …”
— Psalm 118:27
King James Version of the Bible


Faith is a product of the mind. In the Gospel of Mary(1)  Jesus says: “For where the mind is, there is the treasure.: The treasure is that of coming to know the true spiritual nature of our humanity or, in other words, our immortal soul.

To awaken the soul, thus to rediscover our humanity and gain inner peace, we must have a personal relationship with God; this through living in God’s Presence. Our humanity is an expression of God’s goodness within us and, not least, right living.  — Garry D. Kilbourn

(1)Papyrus fragments of the Gospel of Mary were found in Egypt in 1896, having been lost for some fifteen hundred years.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 154

“… What will ye 
            that I
shall do unto you ?”
— St. Matthew 20:32
King James Version of the Bible

HIS LIGHT … p. 154

Whence the pure white light within ?
I, at long last, know:
’Tis not of my own doing,
’Tis God who makes it so.
His light is life, my very soul,
’Tis God, His love alone
Who makes me whole.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Friday, August 28, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 153

“ God is faithful …”
— I Corinthians 1:9
King James Version of the Bible


When, not knowing where to turn,
We cry out to God for His succour
These words: “I know nothing,”
While at once
Giving ourself into His care;
A deep sense of peace overwhelms us,
And a knowing that we are there.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 152

“ Let the redeemed
       of the LORD
  say so …”
— Psalm 107:2
King James Version of the Bible

SHOW US THE WAY … p. 152

Do you hear the cry
From the depths of your soul?
Is happiness only a dream?
Pay heed and obey
The voice from within:
’Tis God you are hearing;
Your true inner self made whole.
Cries of the soul now silent,
Memories of but today,
God’s goodness and love, alone,
Show us the way.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 151

“…      he is good; 
his love endures forever.”
— Psalm 107:1
New International Version


There is a place
In the here and now,
A place with room for all;
A land of love and peace within,
Of God’s abiding grace.

To dwell within
This hallowed place
Is life’s most precious walk:
Hand in hand, with thee
Dear Lord, we humbly talk.

A Spiritual awakening,
As though from above
Is but our knowing
Of God’s wondrous love.

We’ve come to that place
In the here and now;
With His hand
We’ve crossed over,
With no turning back.
We now see the light:
We abide in His grace.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 150

“ If any man serve me,
     let him follow me …”
             — St. John 12:26
King James Version of the Bible

BE DONE … p. 150

Surrendering to the manifold blessings of God’s Will, whereby we freely give over to Him the care of our Spiritual Being — our divinely immortal inner self — is not a simple exercise of the mind. Far from it. It is a Spiritual phenomenon, both transformational and transcendent, that brings us into God’s presence whereby we experience a deep sense of selfless humility and overwhelming bliss.

We have noted that such a phenomenon is not a whim of the mind. It is much deeper, having its origin in the unconscious. Herein lies our salvation whereby, without our knowing, our own psychic forces, sensing the need, overcome suppressed emotions that have long held us in bondage, while at once suffusing us with inner peace and joy. Consciously or unconsciously, we have but to stop fighting our demons — real because we make them so.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Monday, August 24, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 149

“… let us run
 with patience
the race that is
  set before us …”
— Hebrews 12:1
King James Version of the Bible

ONE WITH GOD … p. 149

That God lives in us
And we in Him
Is age-old truth
Known by one and all
Who’ve heard His call:
’Tis avowal of faith,
A declaration of love
To proclaim in His presence
That life-giving essence:
"I am one with God.”
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 148

“… immediately their eyes 
           received sight,
     and they followed him.”
— St. Matthew 20:34
King James Version of the Bible

PRAY … p. 148

In freeing our mind
Of worldly woe
We enter a realm
Meant for all to know;
An ethereal state
Of heavenly bliss,
At last knowing God;
Even more, ’tis this:
Life’s purpose revealed,
We’ve been shown the Way,
Love ourself and love others,
Ever mindful of God,
Ever silently pray.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pre-register ... JOY of Healing II Workshop ...

— Inter Faith workshop

DATE: Saturday, September 19, 2015
TIME: 8:00am — 4:30pm
PLACE: FCJ Christian Life Centre
COST: $35 includes lunch

Cheque payable to: B. Woodard
Mail to: #106, 
305 - 25 Av SW Calgary T2S 0L3

Reaching For The Light ... p. 147

“…   he 
shall direct 
  thy paths.”
 Proverbs 3:6
King James Version of the Bible

Think Well of Others … p. 147

Notwithstanding our higher powers of instinct and intuition, reason alone should be our guide if something makes sense to us. Take, for example, our thoughts, for good or ill — those that forever course through the mind, seemingly at will.

Were we to reflect upon our thoughts, common sense would tell us that kind thoughts, loving and uplifting thoughts, make us feel good about ourself. And we instinctively know that such thoughts have a positive affect on others.

Why, then, do we entertain negative thoughts? Nothing good can come from them. Negative thoughts are those that we alone harbour; thoughts, unless voiced, affect none other. We alone must bear them, and we alone suffer them, for they damage our very psyche.

We have a moral responsibility at all times to look for the good in others, and to love others as we do ourself.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Friday, August 21, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 146

“ Take fast hold 
   of instruction …
   she is thy life.”
— Proverbs 4:13
King James Version of the Bible

BECOMING … p. 146

Growing older, or, ageing, is nothing less than the Divine gift of Be-coming. We do ourself a disservice throughout our lifetime if we allow body and mind to fall prey to the dictates of Time. Let Time run its own inexorable course. Our purpose, which may well be the business of a lifetime, is to “Know Thyself.” The lesson learned is transformational: We come to know wherein our true, our enduring, human values lie. All else in life is but dross. — Garry D. Kilbourn

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 145

“… be ye transformed
       by the renewing 
         of your mind …”
                — Romans 12:2
       King James Version of the Bible


Life’s many toils 
Are overcome,
And peace within is found
If we but listen
To the voice within
That leads us ever higher
To solid ground.

The path, no longer tortuous,
Filled with worldly care,
Instead brings joy
And light-filled air.

The elixir 
Is of a transformative kind,
As with all things in life
It lies in the mind.

We know our purpose,
Our reason for Being
When our thoughts are aligned
With our true inner self:
’Tis our life-giving soul,
Our luminous spirit
We are seeing.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 144

“… blessed is the fruit
          of thy womb. “
— St. Luke 1:42
King James Version of the Bible

THREAD … p. 144

The luminous thread
That lights our way
Is God’s life-giving presence,
Our Spirit, our Soul;
That alone
Which makes us whole.
’Tis the thread
That doth clothe us
In all of God’s grace,
’Tis then that we see Him,
Yes, even His face.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 143

“… let us know
 among ourselves
     what is good.  “
— Job 34:4
King James Version of the Bible

CARING … p. 143

Deeds, not words,
Measure a man.
Deeds that bespeak
Aught but goodness and love
Are gifts of God to share:
Gifts that nourish the soul,
Give meaning to life
And best of all — we care.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Monday, August 17, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 142

“… I have given thee
         a wise and
   an understanding
             heart …”
— I Kings 3:12
King James Version of the Bible

LOVE … p. 142

Listen with me
To cries unheard,
Of those without,
The forgotten
’N the down and out.

Life, precious life
Is not of the self,
’Tis love for our brothers
That ennobles the soul,
’Tis love, sweet love
That makes us whole.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 141

“… keep sound wisdom
and discretion.”
— Proverbs 3:21
King James Version of the Bible

Inner BEING … p. 141

Always and ever,
With nary a doubt
The cure to life’s ills
Lies within, not without.

’Tis the mind which is master,
Ours to control,
To guide us from bondage
And give light to the soul.

Rebuke mind-filled error
Turn within to the light.
’Tis thoughts of self-love,
That transform all error
To that which is right.

Error, alas,
Wears many a mask,
It’s purpose
Meant to deceive.
Our true inner Being
Abides not in error;
’Tis this who we are,
’Tis this we should be seeing.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 140

“…     behold,
 the kingdom of God
    is within you.”
— St. Luke 17:21
King James Version of the Bible

SOUL … p. 140

The pure white light,
Our true inner Being,
Is timeless:
Ever there for the seeing.
’Tis our God-given soul;
Us made real: made whole.

Ways of the world
Are but temporal,
By measure
A moment in time.
Faith is the true everlasting;
Transcendence beyond time,
Trust in faith’s luminous light,
That of our timeless soul:
In this we abide forever,
In this forever whole.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Friday, August 14, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... 139

“… set my tabernacle
          among you …”
— Leviticus 26:11
King James Version of the Bible


We’re forever looking out
When we should be looking in,
Living upside down
In mind’s never ending din.
This perplexing, topsy-turvy life
Is ours alone to right
In God’s own Spiritual Light.
“I know nothing”
Said on bended knee
In unabashed selflessness
And deep humility
Is that which lets us see
God’s freely given love and grace;
Is that which sets us free.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pre-Register for the JOY of Healing II Workshop ...

— Inter Faith workshop

DATE: Saturday, September 19, 2015
TIME: 8:00am — 4:30pm
PLACE: FCJ Christian Life Centre
COST: $35 includes lunch

Cheque payable to: B. Woodard
Mail to: #106, 
305 - 25 Av SW Calgary T2S 0L3

Reaching For The Light ... p. 138

“… be perfect 
with the LORD 
      thy God.”
— Deuteronomy 18:13
King James Version of the Bible

of the SOUL … p. 138

It is said, quite rightly, that the eyes are the Light of the soul. When we, as a fellow human, pause to become an onlooker into that wondrously revealing Light of another’s soul we see aught but God-given Goodness, Purity and Truth. We become two souls enjoined.

Such unspoken intimacy provides insight into, and connects us with, our other being; our higher spiritual self: We are at one with all that is good within us. Secure on firm ground, our new-found purpose is to give freely of ourself to others with God-given Love, for which we are ever thankful.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 137

“… eternal God
     is thy refuge …”
Deuteronomy 33:27
King James Version of the Bible

GOD IS MY SOUL … p. 137

He changed me
Yes, He changed me,
And now I am whole.
On knees in my stillness
In meekness and hope
God said to me gently,
God is my soul.

Yes, I know
O, I know that
God is my soul
Within me
He ever abides.

Now, softly, with voice
O so clear
God speaks to me gently
That others may hear.
He uses me, O yes
He uses me, He
Lovingly guideth my soul.

Yes, I know
O, I know that
God is my soul
Within me
He ever abides.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 136

“…  seek ye  …”
— St. Matthew 6:33
King James Version of the Bible

GIVING … p. 136

God’s gift of Life is one of abiding Goodness and unconditional Love. To our own good fortune, we need not look far to know this, and to bask in God’s wondrous Grace: We have but to go within, admittedly, easier said than done. Even so, no matter life’s circumstances we may, at any time and of our own choosing, mount God’s path of inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

In stepping onto this higher plane, one that as well reveals the divine Light of our immortal soul, we must be quit of the first person “I” or, more specifically, our ego. Life, as we come to learn, is not about “getting,” but about “giving.”

New-found humility awakens in us a sense of compassion and a love for others. In always looking for the good in others, our “self” becomes “selfless:” We have found the path.  — Garry D. Kilbourn

Monday, August 10, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 135

“… when he saw the multitudes,
he was moved with compassion …”
— St. Matthew 9:36
King James Version of the Bible

of BEING … p. 135

We are, all of us, faced with the dichotomy of having an inner and an outer self, each distinct in its own way and yet each dependent upon the other.

Our outer, mortal, self is the face we show to others, while our inner, immortal, self is the true essence of our being. The former is an accumulation of life experiences and of how we react to them. The latter — our inner being — is Life itself, our life-giving soul: God who lives in us and we in Him.

Unless, or until, we acknowledge the ephemeral nature of our worldly ways, while at once allowing our God-given humanity to play its proper role, our divine spirituality will forever wither and peace within will be but a fantasy.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 134

“… thou art God alone.”
— Psalm 86:10
King James Version of the Bible


There’s a Light that’s deep within me
The Light that sets me free
A little bit of heaven that is my soul
A little bit of heaven that makes me whole.

Lord, let me Love another
Become a sister and a brother
Your heavenly Light bestir my fellow souls
Your little bit of heaven make us whole.

‘Neath your wondrous sun-lit bower
Every minute, every hour
Help us manifest your Goodness and your Love
Help us, Lord, do all beneath that is above.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 133

“…  I will make 
all of my goodness
    pass before thee …”
— Exodus 33:19
King James Version of the Bible

GOODNESS … p. 133

It’s true, there is a little bit of heaven in all of us, that which is Life itself: our immortal soul. Herein lies our True essence, our God-given Goodness.

Though seldom allowed to bloom to its fullest, to suffuse our very being in its divinely spiritual Light, the soul’s life-giving power is ever at hand. We have but to believe, nay, to know that God lives in us and we in Him. He alone will lead us to firm ground, to peace within and to the love of our fellow-man.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Friday, August 7, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 132

“… let every man, …
     abide with God.”
— I Corinthians 7:24
King James Version of the Bible

CARE of the SOUL … p. 132

There are, to be sure, many things that need attending to in life, if we are to have a life. The human condition being what it is, we tend to overlook the one thing essential to “having a life” — the care of the soul; that which is Life itself. Were we to rectify this neglect of the soul, we have ever at hand the necessary tool: our God-given Goodness, the embodiment of every human virtue.

Goodness manifests itself through selfless behaviour; that which allows us to want and do for others as we judge best for ourself. It means loving ourself and others, all the while working for the common good.

Goodness liberates the soul, putting us on a path of inner peace.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 131

“… I will go with you.
And I will give you rest.”
— Exodus 33:14
New International Reader’s Version

of TRUTH … p. 131

The human ability to reason is a form of mental introspection, its efficacy confirmed by experience. Through experience we acquire both knowledge and understanding. Alone or in concert, these basic human faculties serve as essential guidelines for our well-being.

Reasoning, whereby we both question and reflect on life’s many vicissitudes, ever in search of the Truth, heightens our presence of mind and helps to keep us centered. It should be an ever-present companion.

The act of reasoning demands that we be scrupulously honest with ourself. In the doing we have the opportunity to go within, to transcend reason and to get in touch with our intuitive sixth sense, that which enlightens the soul and gives access to truth.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 130

“… go out with joy, and be
      led forth with peace …”
— Isaiah 55:12
King James Version of the Bible

NO SEASON … p. 130

Throughout man’s evolution on earth we have, without fail, and at our own peril, denied our place in the universe.

We learn from the Scriptures that man is made in the image of God, nature’s Supreme architect: Ipso facto, we are part of the universal condition. Like all else, we are subject to the laws of nature in that mortal man too has his season.

Being the inheritor of God’s image, man’s immortal soul, which in turn gives rise to our divine spirituality, knows no season but is forever one with God.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 129

“   The LORD possessed me
in the beginning of his way …”
— Proverbs 8:22
King James Version of the Bible

The DIVINE PATH … p. 129

Compassion, understanding and love are human traits common to all. No less than all of this must we bestow upon those who, for reasons perhaps unknown even to themselves, are unable to honour their true inner self.

Pretending to be something we are not is a dichotomy not easily resolved. Neither, to be sure, is our ever-present sense of hopelessness. That we are at a loss of how to cope with the problem serves only to deepen our despair.

Relief, no less salvation, from this seemingly hopeless plight is to be found, as always, within ourself. In all reverence and humility, we turn our inner demons over to God, at once freeing ourself of worldly ego and awakening our spirituality. Our soul is likewise awakened from its childhood slumber; its Light long obscured. Giving thanks, we again find ourself on God’s divine path of Goodness and Love.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Monday, August 3, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 128

“… the fruit of the Spirit 
         is in all goodness …”
— Ephesians 5:9
King James Version of the Bible


Taking responsibility for our own conduct is itself an expression of character. In the doing, we as well reveal our vulnerability, an unintentional though equally beneficial factor.

Exposing our vulnerability, that is to say, our true self, demands trust in ourself and in others such that others recognize our state and respond in kind. Seldom, if ever, are we let down.

A necessary corollary of our being true to ourself is that of allowing others to be themselves. Again it becomes a matter of trust: that which we ourselves revere is no less deserving of others.

In simply being ourself — the person God meant us to be — we are at peace. Only thus may we share with others our manifold blessings.
— Garry D. Kilbourn

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Reaching For The Light ... p. 127

“…    there is 
a spirit in man …”
— Job 32:8
King James Version of the Bible

of OURSELF … p 127

Our time is well spent when we take a moment to consider the two separate, though co-dependent, aspects of our being: spirituality and mortality.

Our mortal being we know. It is this, our physical demeanour, which at first blush identifies us to others. That which is so readily seen, however, ofttimes fails to reveal the whole.

The body is but the temple of our soul, the essence of our being; that which gives rise to our spirituality whereby we are enabled to become one with God.

Bringing balance into our life, whereby we achieve spiritual and mortal harmony, reveals our purpose: giving freely of ourself to others.
— Garry D. Kilbourn