Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Light of God...

The light of God is within us: we are born with it. We have goodness and love, human traits that never leave us. As well, we are gifted from birth with the capacity to reason, enabling us to distinguish between right and wrong. And, not least, we are given will power, that which molds our character and shapes our conduct – in short, our very life. All of these innate God-given senses are affirmations of God’s Presence and of our humanity.

There is never a time when God is not within us, no matter if we are at our lowest or at our best. Truly, God is our Shepherd. Believing and instinctively knowing this is spiritually uplifting. Thus do we walk in the Way, all the while enveloped in God’s abiding love and goodness.

Garry D. Kilbourn

Friday, October 12, 2012

Know Thyself ...

In life, this above all else is a certainty: We are to live by the tenets of our God-given soul. The tools to do so are an imbued birthright, forever lying within our grasp. The tenets, instinctively known to all, are those of truth, goodness and love. We honour these inborn human traits by first paying homage to that age-old aphorism: “Know thyself.”

The business of coming to know oneself, as all who venture down this path well know, is a time of ongoing self-absorption and personal honesty. Bit by bit we rid ourself of worldly demons, real and imagined, to reveal the purity of the life-giving soul. Here there is no hiding from the truth of our Being; neither is there any turning back from this blissful state of inner harmony.

Garry D. Kilbourn

“Know thyself...”

Today we are attending a Celebration of Life of a very dear friend.  Know thyself is her gift to me.  We enjoyed lots of sharing over six years.  During these hours her past came alive … questioning herself with personal honesty, answers were revealed.  Her son shared… she passed peacefully as if she was falling asleep.  blw

Monday, October 8, 2012


For all too many Happiness is but a daydream nourished by faint hope. Others have overcome such reverie by rediscovering their childlike trust to know that Happiness is no longer illusory, but is in fact wondrously real.
The rediscovery of our childlike trust awakens in us our spiritually inner self and gives light to the very soul: We know beyond faith that God lives in us and we in Him.

Happiness is not a state of mind, something to think about and make real. Rather, it is one of surrendering to God in all humility, that His will may be done. Happiness is made whole, and our purpose revealed, only when shared with others.

Garry D. Kilbourn