Sunday, November 27, 2011

Change Knows No Bounds...

The circumstances that determine our state in life are not immutable.  With each breath we draw and with every thought that assails the mind, we have the opportunity to change.

Change begins, firstly, with a willingness to do so, followed by a firm resolve to see it through.  In the full knowledge that change is an intensely personal matter, we are obliged to look nowhere but within.

In a state of repose we learn to quiet the mind, ever cognizant of God’s love while silently affirming “I am enough.”  We thus become physically and emotionally centered, at once sensing a warm inner peace.

In such a state, visualize as two separate beings mortal body and immortal soul.  Allow purity of mind to transport soul’s divinely spiritual essence into the realm of intuitive sixth sense, whereupon spirit is suffused with the light of God’s wondrous love.

Save that which we limit ourselves, change knows no bounds.  Neither does it come easily.  Learning to cherish a sense of one’s own goodness is essential to our well-being.  In time, our every thought, our every deed, are those of love for our fellow-man: We are ever at one with God.

Garry D. Kilbourn

“Change knows no bounds”  My need for forgiveness changed to Love

Yesterday, while at the Library, I noticed a book by Marianne Williamson, A Course in Weight Loss,’ 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever.  Hooked, I sat down and started reading.  I usually ‘skip’ lessons in books but this time I thought, you never know.  Marianne says, “This is a meaningful opportunity to see your light, by being courageous enough to look at your darkness.”  The first lesson asks… look at these words and write down in detail “what is true for you.”   I silently said the words and mentally wrote down my feelings…slowly and thoughtfully.  I was right into it!  I must have turned a personal-growth-corner.   “Change knows no bounds”…I didn’t have expectations with this lesson, but this morning I found myself silently talking to my Mom about how sorry I was for ___ and if only ____ !!   In the past I would ask for her forgiveness—this time I said, I LOVE YOU MOM !  No longer in need of forgiveness, I’m now free to Love.  blw

Mom (1917—2001)   

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Control Our Thoughts...

We are all plagued by unwelcome, ofttimes harmful, thoughts, a condition we tend to take for granted.

Presumably, in the belief that “this is the way it is; it is just human nature,” all too few take the time to consider, and to question this phenomenon; one both harmful and wrong.

Thought is but a phantom of the mind, having its origin in the brain.  It is common knowledge that the brain, in turn, is a highly malleable human organism:  It has the potential to generate those thoughts we ourselves will.  Herein lies the key.

We can, and we must, control our thoughts if we are to know and enjoy any measure of our God-given humanity.

Possessed of the inborn power to control our thoughts, we must be ever vigilant, ready to dismiss from the mind unwelcome and harmful thoughts.  Strange as it may seem, this is brought about by our simply introducing into the mind an uplifting thought:  “Thank you, God,” for example.  Already we feel better.

Garry D. Kilbourn

belief  that “this is the way it is…”
Amazing how a  belief can control your life.  Something someone said triggered  memories of my mom.  I didn’t know I had a subconscious belief that controlled how I dealt with my insecurities.  Looking back I realize mom was unwell our whole life together.  From childhood I saw how mom would become ill when faced with making decisions.  Illness was her safety net .  I didn’t know that her behaviour influenced my way of coping with life. 

New beginnings – July 2011 – no more running away from my feelings.  With this gift of awareness, whenever I start to feel uneasy, I know it is my responsibility to look within myself for the answer.  Life is for living our highest potential.  “Thank you, God.”  blw

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hymn: REST

I walk with Love along the way, And O, it is a holy day;
No more I suffer cruel fear, I feel God’s presence with me here;
The joy that none can take away Is mine; I walk with Love today.

Who walks with Love along the way, Shall talk with Love and Love obey;
God’s healing truth is free to all, Our Father answers every call;
‘Tis He dispels the clouds of gray, That all may walk with Love today.

Come, walk with Love along the way, Let child-like trust be yours today;
Uplift your thought, with courage go,  Give of your heart’s rich overflow;
And peace shall crown your joy-filled day.  Come, walk with Love along the way.

John Stainer
Minny M.H. Ayers
Christian Science Hymnal

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Acknowledging Our Own Divine Goodness

It is no secret that we have within us untold power to do Good.  It is power inborn, arising from the fact that God lives in us and we in Him.  How we go about accessing this divinely spiritual power is less well known.

We begin by going within to achieve purity of thought, whereby we allow the mind to reach a state of spiritual transcendence:  This by way of humble prayer, mindful meditation or earnest contemplation, all the while being in relationship with God.
Thus do we awaken God within, and thus do we enliven our potential for Goodness.  Thoughts alone, however—no matter how endearing—are in vain without our acting on them.

Upon giving freely of ourself to others, ever mindful of God’s love, we come to know this latent God-given power, while at once acknowledging our own divine Goodness.

Garry D. Kilbourn

“…acknowledging our own divine Goodness.”
Andie was always cheerful with lots to say if you if you took a few minutes to get to know her.  She was a familiar face outside of the Bank of Montreal on 4th Street S.W.  Every Wednesday you could count on seeing Andie politely smiling and waiting to see if anyone new would stop to chat and buy a copy of “Street Talk.”  We counted ourselves to be among her regular client-friends.  Andie was a bright light for many on Fourth.  She gave freely of herself  as she relied on the Goodness of friends and strangers.  We’ve not seen Andie for some time and we wonder where she is now.  blw

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spiritual Transcendence...

There are two equally important, interdependent factors at play in our becoming one with God.  Firstly, we intuitively know that God lives in us and we in Him.  Secondly, instinct alone tells us that were we to compromise this relationship we would be renouncing life itself.

In achieving this state of blissful tranquility, consciously or unconsciously, we have surrendered our very being to God while at once freeing ourselves of worldly entrapments.

Having undergone a spiritual transcendence, we rejoice in the triumph of knowing who we are.

Garry D. Kilbourn

“…spiritual transcendence…”
It is a gift to hear an experienced student of the Brahma Kumaris give a guided meditation commentary.  Such a commentary helps us leave the outside world of noise behind gently guiding us to our inner self, to connect with our soul.  I’ve enjoyed these commentaries many times but this morning was different.  I was alone for about a half hour before class.  With curious wonder, I attempted my own commentary.  I mindfully guided my ‘self ’ on a journey from the outside world into my inner world of silence and peace.  This experience was wondrous and brought joyful tears.  My soul is awakening.  I look forward to experiencing this spiritual transcendence again and again…!  blw

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