Tuesday, June 28, 2011


IN FULL AWARENESS, become still and quiet the mind.  Look within and assess your worldly state.  Thus begins your quest to honour that age-old philosophical admonition: “Know Thyself.”

With your God-given will clear the mind of all thoughts such that mind, body and soul are in absolute repose and in perfect harmony.  Your entire being is now in the hands of God whose power alone aligns you spiritually with all of the forces of nature as part of the greater natural order:  You have become one with nature and with God.  Blissful inner peace overwhelms you, and with it a love for all of your fellow beings.  Ancient wisdom says: “Power belongs to him who knows.”

Garry D. Kilbourn

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mankind's Spiritual Relationship With Nature

     NATURE is described as “the universe, with all its phenomena” and “the sum total of the forces at work throughout the universe.”  Mankind, to be sure, is an integral part of this wondrous phenomena of the greater natural order governing all things, seen and unseen.

     The forces at work throughout the universe, no less earth’s atmosphere, may best be termed electrodynamics, i.e., the “interactions of electricity, magnetic and mechanical phenomena of the universe.”  In short, the whole of space is an electric field.  This is made only too apparent when we experience electrical storms, with the “luminous, electrical discharge” of lightning.

     From a time leading out of dim antiquity we have ever sought our place in the grand scheme of things; hence our early study and worship as gods of the moon, the sun and the stars.  Over time allegory and mythology used to define our place in the universe were replaced by laws of science, especially those of geometry, mathematics, astronomy and architecture.

     Evidence abounds throughout mankind’s long and ofttimes sordid history, no less so today, such that every race and every culture acknowledged a spiritual relationship with the forces of nature, known to many for some two thousand years as “God.”

     That we are connected to nature as part of the greater natural order is indisputable.  Witness the make-up of the human body with its untold millions of cells and atoms within cells, all electrically charged and in constant motion.  Connected though we may be, we too often fail to recognize and to act upon our intimate relationship with nature, hence with God, only to do ourselves grave injustice.

     Mankind’s spiritual relationship with nature, it must be recognized, went hand in hand with our darker nature.  This latter human trait ultimately won out and gave rise to the expression: “Man’s inhumanity to man knows no bounds.”

     What with its age-old suppression of the soul in favour of materialism, mankind as a whole has forfeited its right to reawaken an awareness of the soul and of our innate spirituality.  Instead, such a task has become highly personal-one for each of us to undertake.  Only then do we have the opportunity to at once become one with nature and with God.

     Our task, which soon becomes a joyous lifelong journey, is one of discovering the inner self.  We have but to acknowledge God’s goodness within us as our very birthright, to love God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our strength, and, finally, to love our neighbour as ourself, all the while knowing that God is within and everywhere around us.
In coming to know God we must work our will to quiet the turmoil of the mind, allowing the long-concealed soul to emerge and with it our entire being enveloped in an aura of spiritual light.

Garry D. Kilbourn
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